Health care providers are professionals and organisations that provide health care to patients. These providers can be a wide range of health professionals and organisations, including:

  • Doctors: Doctors are the main health care providers and include various specialists such as family doctors, general practitioners, internists, cardiologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians and many others.

  • Hospitals and clinics: Hospitals and clinics provide advanced health services, including unskilled and specialised medical interventions, emergency care, examinations and hospitalisation.

  • Hospital and clinical pharmacists: Pharmacists provide information on medicines and prescriptions, advise on the use of medicines and manage the supply of medicines.

  • Nurses: Nurses provide care and monitoring of patients, carry out medical orders, provide health advice and provide education to patients and their families.

  • Psychologists and psychiatrists: Psychologists and psychiatrists provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for mental and emotional challenges.

  • Physiotherapists and rehabilitation: Physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists help rehabilitate injured patients and relieve pain.

These are some of the main health care providers, but there are many other health professionals and organisations that contribute to the provision of integrated health care.