Having as its primary concern the upgrading of the quality of life of citizens, the Institute of Neurology & Neuroscience Genetics Cyprus (INGC), has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National e-Health Authority (NHEA).

Specifically, on 29 March 2023, INGK and EAHY signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in areas of common interest, including the transfer of know-how in eHealth and ICT through applied research and innovation activities. Among other things, the cooperation foresees the promotion of joint projects, studies and researches for the solution and/or addressing of specific challenges regarding the development of specialized technologies for the implementation of the objectives of EHRC, in order to upgrade and improve the e-health services provided to citizens, participation in research projects, exchange of views, experiences, data and information in the context/object of the cooperation, as well as the provision of training by INGK to EHRC staff.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Executive Director General & Medical Director of INGK, Prof. Leonidas Phylaktos and the President of the National e-Health Authority, Prof. Christo N. Schiza, who then gave a lecture on the subject at the Institute’s Auditorium. Mr. Schizas in his lecture referred to the development of the philosophy of e-Health, a pioneering idea developed collectively by the European Union. Its purpose is to make the integrated electronic health record of every citizen as a reference point for every health service provider. As Mr. Schizas, the basic principle is that the citizen has ownership and possession of their health data. EAHY is the institutional body which, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the relevant medical bodies, will have a regulatory and supervisory role for all eHealth issues at national and cross-border level.

“As an Institute, we promote and share every action that helps to improve the quality of life, which is why we are oriented towards e-health, which will undoubtedly improve the health services provided to all citizens of our country,” said Mr. Guardian. “It is with great satisfaction that we have concluded an agreement with the National e-Health Authority, which will serve as a means for further cooperation in various areas of common interest, particularly on issues of applied research and innovation,” said Mr. Guardian.

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