Structure/Organisation of the EAHC

  • Board of Directors
  • General Directorate
  • Sectors (4)


The organisation and activities of each sector are combined with the departmental organisation, enhancing horizontal cooperation and synergy in NEHA actions, with the aim of increasing efficiency and delivering high quality services.

Operations Directorate Sector

The Operational Directorate is responsible for the preparation and supervision of administrative acts and for the sound operational management of the NEHA. Specifically, this area covers issues related to all services of the Authority such as technical, accounting and legal issues, compliance with European directives, regulations and employment laws, European and local programmes and projects.

Data Bank and Related Operations Sector

The Data Bank and Related Operations Division has the overall supervision of the Integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution, the definition of specifications of the electronic health record data, the management of the necessary registers, integration and user management, access and provision of knowledge and advice to the Operations and Supervision departments.

National Contact Point Sector

The National Contact Point Sector for eHealth undertakes the operational oversight of the National Contact Point (NCP), which is the essential means of communication and provision of useful and necessary information regarding cross-border healthcare and in particular e-prescription/eDispensation. At the same time, it is related to the management of the Master Value Catalogue (MVC) coding and ensuring alignment with any changes from the European Union.

Telemedicine Sector

The Telemedicine Sector is responsible for the supervision of the functionality of telemedicine as well as the adoption of relevant regulations for the implementation and use of telemedicine applications.