The National e-Health Authority announces the launch of an information campaign on how to use the cross-border medical data exchange portal through the platform of the Republic of Cyprus“. The aim is to better coordinate to serve the needs arising from the implementation of the Electronic cross-border health services and avoiding unnecessary actions to ensure the continuous and efficient development of the project.

The seminars will focus on e-prescribing and summary health histories and aim to familiarise health professionals with the use of the medical data exchange portal between European countries, which is expected to improve health service delivery and patient safety.

At this stage, the training seminars are addressed to Doctors (Pancyprian Medical Association) and Pharmacists (Pancyprian Pharmaceutical Association) and will be conducted by teams of Officers of the National e-Health Authority and Officers of the e-Health Laboratory of the University of Cyprus. The proposed seminars are considered critical and necessary.

Find out more about the eHealth Cross-Border Health Services:

The e-Health Digital Health Services Infrastructure (eHDSI) ensures that European citizens can continue their care while travelling to another country within the EU.It enables EU countries to exchange health data in a secure, efficient and interoperable way. Citizens can easily identify the availability of services with the signal MyHealth @ EU” – “My Health @ EU”.

The launch of the eHealth Cross-Border Health Services, under the MyHealth@EU brand, is expected in early July 2024. The cooperation of Doctors and Pharmacists is essential in this huge project, as it will strengthen the health system and thus give European citizens a sense of security and confidence.

It is worth noting that the lists of doctors and pharmacies that will offer cross-border health services will be posted on the website of the National Contact Point (NCP) of the NHS, but also on the website of the European Union through the NCP.  In this way, European citizens visiting Cyprus will know in advance which doctors and pharmacies they can be served by.

The pharmacies and dispensaries that will serve electronic cross-border prescriptions will have an identifiable logo of the Electronic Cross-border Health Services, posted on the front of their pharmacy or dispensary respectively, and a prerequisite for their admission to the portal is the existence of an identified account on the platform of the Republic of Cyprus.“.


Training seminars for Doctors and Pharmacists

5/6/2024 Wednesday, 16:00-17:30 educational webinar/online monitoring,

Declaration of participation: National eHealth Authority (

6/6/2024 Thursday, 16:00-17:30 educational webinar/online monitoring,

Declaration of participation: National eHealth Authority (

12/06/2024:    Wednesday,18:00-20:00,  training seminar at the Paralimni Town Hall to cover the area due to the tourist season.

Declaration of participation: National eHealth Authority (

The dates of the training seminars in the other provinces will be announced at a later stage.