What is eHealth?

The term “eHealth” is defined as a wide range of tools based on information and communication technologies aimed at better prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health and lifestyle.

What is the vision/mission of the NEHA?

NEHA shares Europe’s vision to promote and create a “European eHealth space”. Its mission is the adoption and alignment of eHealth with national strategic health policy objectives. Undoubtedly, eHealth should not be the target of a stand-alone strategy, but should be fully integrated into the overall health policy.

How will the NEHA achieve its vision?

  • Coordinating actions and facilitating synergy between relevant policies and stakeholders to find better solutions

  • Avoiding market fragmentation

  • Disseminating good practices

  • Creating a system of electronic health records to support information exchange and standardisation

  • Developing health information exchange networks between care providers to coordinate actions in the event of a public health risk

  • Providing health services online

  • Developing teleconsultation, ePrescribing, eReferral and electronic reimbursement systems

  • Taking into account the needs of citizens, patients and health professionals; and

  • Ensuring their participation in the implementation of relevant plans and strategies

eHealth can bring significant benefits to society as a whole, improving access to and quality of care. It also contributes to the development of citizen-oriented health systems and the overall effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the health sector.